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Tube Laser Cutting

Tubes and profiles are used in everything from machine and system construction to the furniture industry. The introduction of laser tube cutting has forged the way for a host of new design opportunities in this area, and designers are increasingly taking advantage of laser-cut tubes and profiles. Consequently, demand for these products has increased significantly. Does your company stand to benefit from the competitive edge of laser tube cutting? Lee Metal Fabrication can bring your designs to life with our TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber RapidCut machine from Trumpf.

Laser is the future.

Pressure to manufacture products in shorter time periods and at lower costs is growing in conventional tube cutting. With the laser, entire process steps are no longer necessary, and this means immediate savings. You can expand your part spectrum and your range of customers at the same time. The laser's versatility makes it possible for Lee Metal Fabrication to produce small lot sizes quickly and efficiently and offers the flexibility needed to tackle custom jobs. The broadened spectrum of design possibilities offered by laser cutting gives both Lee Metal Fabrication and our clients a clear competitive edge over conventional methods.

Contour Freedom

The laser enables complete freedom in processing contours. The laser beam makes it easy to cut even the most complex contours and its intuitive controls enable you produce small, high-quality lots quickly.

Economize on tools

The laser is a single tool which enables you to process a variety of materials, wall thicknesses and profile geometries without ever having to touch the material. As opposed to working with other technologies, tool changes and costs are significantly reduced.

Lower parts costs

Laser tube cutting lets you skip entire process steps such as sawing, drilling and milling. It also cuts down on storage and handling expenses. Compared to conventional tube processing, the laser
significantly reduces part costs.

Minimize time investment

Innovative tube constructions reduce the need for downstream work such as welding and mounting. The positioning aid with pins and openings makes assembly much easier. High edge quality makes rework completely unnecessary in most cases.

New business opportunities

Impress clients with products and design options which cannot be achieved, or are not economically feasible, with conventional methods.

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