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Metal Fabrication Services

Flat Laser Cutting

 Lee Metal Fabrication is dedicated to providing the highest quality laser cutting services available. We combine the use of our high-end equipment with decades of laser cutting expertise, design and engineering. Customized part and material consulting is available. The laser can handle a variety of cutting tasks. They range from precisely cut miniature joints to high quality cuts in steel, stainless, aluminum, galvanized, aluminized and other coated materials. The success of your next project or product is entirely dependent upon the precision and quality of the materials you use. Lee Metal Fabrication is here to ensure that you have the parts you need,...

Tube Laser Cutting

Tubes and profiles are used in everything from machine and system construction to the furniture industry. The introduction of laser tube cutting has forged the way for a host of new design opportunities in this area, and designers are increasingly taking advantage of laser-cut tubes and profiles. Consequently, demand for these products has increased significantly. Does your company stand to benefit from the competitive edge of laser tube cutting? Lee Metal Fabrication can bring your designs to life with our TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber RapidCut machine from Trumpf. Laser is the future. Pressure to manufacture products in shorter time periods...

CNC Press Break

A CNC press brake is a machine tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. With the use of CNC press brake machines, Lee Metal Fabrication can create precise bends in sheet metal and wire forms. This allows Lee Metal Fabrication to create perfectly shaped objects out of sheet metal. In wire products, the CNC press brake machine allows for perfectly uniform bends in a series of parallel wires along an edge. Combined with laser cutting, Lee Metal Fabrication can make many small, intricate housings for sensitive parts using CNC press brake technology. Lee Metal Fabrication uses...

High Definition Plasma Steel Cutting

Lee Metal Fabrication's high definition plasma-cutting services are a reliable alternative to other traditional metal cutting services where accurate angles and precision cutting is crucial. Our plasma cutting units consistently produce high-quality, cut-in materials of varied thickness and length. Some of the benefits of CNC-controlled, plasma cutting include optimal cutting, guaranteed consistent performance, and high accuracy or precision cuts. Highly accurate Excellent edge finishes Stainless steel, aluminum, copper and carbon steel Lee Metal Fabrication offers high def plasma cutting with capabilities of cutting up to 2" thick HRS plate. Our HyPerformance® HPR400XD plasma system has been designed and built for...

CNC Turning & Vertical Machining

Lee Metal Fabrication provides the best in CNC lathe machining and turning services. Equipped with highly skilled CNC programmers and machinists, as well as horizontal and vertical turning centers, we consistently exceed our clients’ precision, accuracy, and quality standards. If you have complex components with tight tolerance, high precision demands, Lee Metal Fabrication has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to meet your exact specifications.   Quick-turn CNC machining works best for prototyping, form and fit testing, jigs and fixtures, and functional components for end-use applications.  CNC Lathe Turning Lee Metal Fabrication has two Haas ST-30 CNC lathes to handle all...

Bandsaw Cutting Services

Lee Metal Fabrication's saw cutting services provides quality and precision for your saw cutting needs. With the Marvel 380A Automatic Vertical Band Saw, Lee Metal Fabrication can handle a diverse amount of materials. Capable of cutting opposing, and parallel miters up to 60 degrees with automation. Our vertical band saw is great for square bar, round bar, flat bar, angle, channel, square tubing and pipe. Lee Metal Fabrication offers stainless steel saw cutting services using our fully automatic saws that can cut your material to your required size. With up to 16” capacity, we can handle all your bar, tube, and...

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Lee Metal Fabrication's forming and rolling operations are part of a complete line of advanced metal manufacturing services that meet high industry standards and diverse requirements. Lee Metal Fabrication provides solutions for bending, folding, forming, notching, punching and shearing and cut to length services. Our well-equipped facility has the capabilities to bend, shear, notch, punch, saw, drill, angle, or plate roll, weld, braze, and plasma burn small, large and heavy components made from steels, aluminum, copper, and exotic metals.  Fabrication Methods Performed Plate Roll SIHR 6/3 6' X 1/4 PLATE ROLL Will Pre Bend 1/4'' Plate At Full Length And Roll 3/8'' Plate To Larger Diameters. Shearing & Notching Edwards 120...

Software Capabilities

Lee Metal Fabrication has a wide variety of software tools to help us in your design. Whether you have simple DFX files to very large 3-D Models, we have the software to accommodate your needs. We can also take a simple sketch or blue printed drawings and turn them into computerized files. Soild Works Sheet Works MasterCam Cutting Shop Design to Fab Dr. Abe Bend Dr. Abe Blank Types of Files That Can Be Sent DFX DWG SLDRW SLDASM MCX IGES STEP PDF If you can not send these formatted files then you can just e-mail a drawing to us...

Lee Metal Fabrication

Lee Metal Fabrication provides laser cutting and fabrication services.

CNC Milling

Multi-axis milling backed by decades of experience.

CNC Turning

Two-axis and multi-axis center turning capabilities


Using advanced design software including SolidWorks

Custom Machining

Wide range of industries served including Aerospace

Precision Componentry

With 4 and 5-axis capabilities

Tooling & Fixtures

Precision prototype and short runs

Lathe Work

Simple to exotic jobs with a wide variety of materials


Precision grinding for surface grinding, mattison, double disc, and tool steel

Reverse Engineering

Meticulous approach with guaranteed results

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