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Frequently Asked Questions

Welders play an extremely important part in fabrication shops. Welding is the method of joining two pieces of metal. This is done by applying extreme heat to soften the material and then apply pressure against the two items to unite them together in a melded state.

The welder must first inspect the engineered blueprint. Then, the welder will use a gas torch to fuse the joints of the sheet material. This is a complex process and it demands the undivided attention of the welder. If an unskilled person were working on this, it could result in the metal warping due to the high degree of heat.

Lee Metal Fabrication specializes in cutting mild steels up to 0.5" and stainless steels up to 0.5". We also cut aluminum up to 0.25"

Our primary platform is SolidWorks, however we can take files in multiple formats, and convert them to SolidWorks

You can send your drawings in the following formats: DWF, DWG, DXF, EDRW, IGES, PDF, SLDASM, SLDDRW, SLDPRT, STEP/STP

Please submit whatever information you have, along with qtys required, and we will work on pricing for you. The more information you provide, the more accurate the pricing will be.

We welcome plant tours at Lee Metal Fabrication. We are proud of our laser cutting and custom metal fabricating abilities and would be glad to demonstrate our capabilities. Just contact us and we can set up a tour.


Lee Metal Fabrication

Lee Metal Fabrication provides laser cutting and fabrication services.

CNC Milling

Multi-axis milling backed by decades of experience.

CNC Turning

Two-axis and multi-axis center turning capabilities


Using advanced design software including SolidWorks

Custom Machining

Wide range of industries served including Aerospace

Precision Componentry

With 4 and 5-axis capabilities

Tooling & Fixtures

Precision prototype and short runs

Lathe Work

Simple to exotic jobs with a wide variety of materials


Precision grinding for surface grinding, mattison, double disc, and tool steel

Reverse Engineering

Meticulous approach with guaranteed results

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